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Our beautifully designed and superb electric towel racks are made by our bathvo and are of a high quality. By combining finely  ground materials and simple design, our products are tactile, durable and refined and luxurious.

We use naturally formed materials to ensure purity. Then, we combined these materials with the design to create natural beauty.

Our bathvo has many unique properties. Natural materials give each finished product a unique sense of warmth and a wonderful touch. We are proud and assured of the superior quality of our products.

Our Materiac

The surface treatment of our superior materials makes it perfect for the exquisite design in our wide range of bathrooms. Whether you are looking for modern, classic, compact or impressive products, our product range can provide high-end designs for all tastes. Our materials can be selected according to the gloss polish or smooth matte texture you choose to ensure that each product reaches the ideal state.

Our iconic formula and striking design combine to create a luxurious feel and a beautiful appearance. Our materials convey a sense
of tranquility, extraordinary comfort and enviable elegance.

Your bathroom should be a relaxed, comfortable and relaxing place, creating an atmosphere that soothes the mind and stimulates
the senses. Browse our full range of products and browse our recent projects to understand how Bathvo can serve you.

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